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Preparing to Meet with Your Workers’ Comp Attorney

November 11, 2021By Niko Pothitakis

Before meeting with a workers’ compensation lawyer to discuss a case, individuals should take certain steps to make sure they’re sufficiently prepared for the consultation. By taking these steps, injured workers will be able to get the most from their consultation.

1. Gather as Many Details as Possible

If an individual has relevant documentation that can support his or her case, he or she should bring it to the consultation. Even if the items aren’t required, he or she will be able to provide the attorney with ample information such as medical bills, images of injuries and the accident scene, and accident reports.

2. Follow the Doctor’s Recommendations

After a doctor has provided treatment recommendations, it’s important for victims to follow his or her advice. For instance, if a doctor recommends avoiding returning to work too soon after an injury, it’s best to refrain from seeking employment until the doctor approves it. Otherwise, not listening to medical professionals could hurt a person’s chances of recovering workers’ comp benefits.

3. Know Where to Go

It’s also important to show up to the consultation in a timely manner, provided the consultation takes place at the attorney’s office. Find out exactly where the office is located and determine how best to get there, whether driving yourself, taking public transportation, or using other methods.

4. Prepare Questions and Thoughts

A skilled workers’ compensation attorney should be able to answer any questions that an injured worker might have about the nature of the case. This is why it’s important for a victim to ask questions of an attorney to better understand his or her options regarding workers’ comp. Additionally, it helps to take notes about certain thoughts or concerns that might come up. 

Generally, an attorney will be able to provide guidance and provide plenty of information throughout the consultation.

5. Follow the Attorney’s Instructions

If the attorney provides any specific instructions prior to the consultation, following them could help individuals further prepare before meeting with the attorney. 

By following each of these steps, employees seeking workers’ compensation and advice from attorneys will be able to ensure they walk away from their consultation with plenty of information and guidance. Most importantly, it’s important to relax and remain comfortable in knowing that attorneys are there to help victims through the claims process. If an individual comes prepared to meet an attorney, the consultation will likely go smoothly.