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7 Mistakes That Can Ruin Car Accident Injury Claims

December 15, 2020By Niko Pothitakis

Several mistakes can ruin a car accident injury claim if people aren’t careful. The following are some of the biggest mistakes that individuals can make when filing a claim.

1. Failure to Fully Inform the Doctor

Following a car accident, injury victims should seek treatment as soon as possible to gauge the full extent of the injuries sustained. If any side effects, pains, or limitations don’t appear in documented medical records, claimants may not be able to recover full compensation.

2. Failing to Seek Treatment

In many cases, injuries resulting from accidents may be latent, as symptoms may not develop until weeks or even months after an accident. However, failing to seek immediate medical attention after an accident can put victims’ wellbeing at risk while undermining the severity of the injuries, which could reduce compensation.

3. Neglecting to Obtain Police Reports

If individuals involved in car accidents call 9-1-1, it’s best to request the police even if an ambulance isn’t required. It’s important to make sure that a Traffic Collision Report is filed, as this will entail gathering witness statements and other evidence that may support the claim.

4. Not Disclosing Previous Injuries

If an accident aggravated a past injury or a pre-existing medical condition, compensation may be reduced if claimants hide or otherwise fail to disclose this information to insurers, physicians, or attorneys.

5. Providing Insurers with Recorded Statements

While insurers may appear to want to help car accident injury victims, they work to reach the lowest settlement that the claimant will accept to minimize the amount the insurance company has to payout. Prior to providing insurance adjusters with a statement or agreeing to any settlement, it’s often best to consult with an attorney to discuss what to say and what to avoid saying.

6. Failure to Follow the Prescribed Treatment

If injury victims don’t attend doctors’ appointments or appear to have healed from the injuries, insurance adjusters may perceive the claimant as recovered or not seriously injured and reduce the compensation amount.

7. Having the Insurer’s Preferred Mechanic Examine the Vehicle

Insurance companies may also recommend taking a damaged vehicle to a preferred mechanic, which may provide estimates that are lower than the actual value of repairs and replacements.

Keeping these mistakes in mind may help accident injury victims avoid ruining their personal injury claims.