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Top 4 Slip & Fall Settlements In The United States

Slip and Fall Accidents With cold winter weather settling in across most of the U.S., both indoor and outdoor walking surfaces can get slick very quickly. Watch out for those slick surfaces, and take precautions this winter to avoid a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents occur when a person falls on premises […]

Tort Of Law:

A Brief Guide to Tort Law Tort law is one of the major areas of law. Three of the other major areas are contract law, real property law, and criminal law. Tort law actually accounts for more civil litigation than any other category of law. At its most basic, a tort is a wrongful act […]

Is It Actually More Dangerous To Drive In Winter Than Summer?

With snow, ice and other cold weather hazards, winter driving can be extremely dangerous. However, as a firm consisting of experienced¬†auto and motorcycle accident attorneys, we had a question: Is winter driving really more dangerous than summer driving? We decided to take a look at the numbers and find out. According to the National Highway […]