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Erick Lopez V. Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation

Posted on Jul 13, 2017 This was a recent case heard in the Iowa Court of Appeals. Erick Lopez worked for Cargill Meat Solutions when he was injured on the job.  Lopez was awarded 35 weeks of permanent partial disability benefits for his injury, but was unhappy with the award. Lopez felt he should have been awarded […]

Iowa Work Comp Claim Settled Before Hearing

Posted on Oct 08, 2012 The Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. recently resolved a claim for a client based on injuries to both right and left shoulders. The claimant was working for an Iowa employer when he sustained an injury to his right shoulder. He underwent surgery on the right shoulder and while recovering, he started […]

West Des Moines Community Schools V. John Frye

An Iowa court ruled that an injured worker was able to receive two different prosthetic hands for his hand injury. His employer appealed arguing that he had already received one prosthetic and could not claim another through Workers’ Compensation. Allen Conell worked for Nestle repairing machines. He was clearing a jam in a bag-sealing machine and the machine closed […]

Original Work-Related Injury Causes Other Consequences Resulting In Significant Ruling

Pothitakis Law Firm assisted F.S. with an Iowa Workers’ Compensation claim against one of the biggest retail businesses in the nation. The Claimant tripped and fell at work, and as a result sustained an injury to her right shoulder. The Claimant had to undergo several surgeries because of this injury. The Claimant was employed part-time […]

Hearing Loss At Work Awarded $1,000,000

The claimant suffered from hearing loss and tinnitus associated with noise exposure at work.  As a result of the hearing loss and tinnitus the claimant suffered from depression.  The employer and Iowa workers’ compensation insurance carrier denied the claim and that the condition was related to noise exposure at work.  The parties proceeded to hearing […]

Workplace Arm Injury Settlement For $150,000

Client was injured while working at a local factory.  The injury was limited to his arm, but unfortunately resulted in what is called RSD-reflex sympathetic dystrophy or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  Because of the diagnosis of RSD the claimant was entitled to benefits based on how the injury affected his ability to work.  Pothitakis Law […]

Shoulder Injury At Work Settled Successfully

Claimant sustained a left shoulder Iowa work related injury.  She sought assistance from the Pothitakis Law Firm, P.C. for benefits associated with the injury.  The claimant pursued Iowa Work Comp benefits and the case was ultimately settled for $76,000 in additional money beyond the payment of medical expenses and temporary total disability benefits she had […]

Amazing Results For Worker With Back Injury

Pothitakis Law Firm was contacted by W.D., a gentleman who sustained an Iowa work injury while performing work for a local employer.  He sustained an injury to his low back.  Ultimately, he had to undergo surgery as a result of his low back injury.  While recovering from his low back injury, he slipped and fell as […]

Upper Extremities Injuries Results In Significant Award

In 2016, Pothitakis Law Firm was hired by H.J. to represent him with a claim against a manufacturing company as it related to his right upper extremity. The complaint was based upon repetitive activities undertaken by H.J. at his employment with the employer for several years.Ultimately, the Claimant underwent surgery on his wrists, elbow, and […]
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