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Is Your Workplace a Haven for Toxic Fumes?

Manufacturing processes often expose workers to toxic fumes in the workplace. For example, vehicle manufacturing and fuel unearthing processes can expose employees to various chemical vapors as a part of their daily work. OSHA requires employers to provide safety training and equipment to workers. OSHA rules and regulations are designed to protect workers from toxic exposures. […]
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Is OSHA Putting Iowa Workers at Risk?

In Iowa, eight workers filed federal complaints against the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) claiming that the agency practiced gross negligence that put workers at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. The workers represent employees in various industries, including health care, meatpacking, nursing homes, transportation, and others. An Alleged Failure to Protect Workers […]

Iowa Workmans Comp: Who’s Covered and Who’s Not?

While a majority of employees in Iowa may qualify for workers’ compensation coverage in the event of a work-related injury or illness, certain types of employees are excluded. Depending on individuals’ occupations and employment status, they may be unable to receive workers’ comp benefits. The following are some of the types of workers who may […]
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What if I’m Not Satisfied With My Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

In Iowa, your employer can choose which workers compensation doctor you see and get care from. That said, your employer’s choice must be reasonable in terms of the doctor and the care they provide. If you’re dissatisfied with your workers’ compensation doctor, you request to be seen by a different doctor. If your employer denies […]
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Does My Traumatic Brain Injury Count for a Workers Comp Settlement?

When you’ve suffered a severe brain injury, it’s already tough enough to get treatment. You may need special treatments and emergency surgery to help your situation. Worse, you may have been at work at the time, and now you’re worried about getting a Des Moines workers comp settlement.  If you’ve recently suffered a traumatic brain […]
Do All Workers Comp Cases End in a Settlement

Do All Work Injury Claims End in a Workers’ Compensation Settlement? 

Workplace injury claims do not always end in a workers’ compensation settlement. In some cases, a workers’ comp claim may be denied. However, injured workers can appeal denied workers’ compensation claims. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you uncover the reason your claim was denied and pursue an appeal.  After your workplace injury accident, you […]
Why Do Employers Dispute Workers Comp Claims

Why an Employer May Dispute a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When you’re injured, you’ll need your workers compensation benefits to help pay for your medical care and recover from your injuries. Unfortunately, you may be struggling to receive your benefits because your employer disputes your workers’ compensation claim. Because of this, you may not be getting the benefits you need, when you need them. That […]
Will Iowa Workers Comp Cover Secondary Injuries

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation Second Injury Fund

Workers who suffer a subsequent work injury may be entitled to compensation from the Iowa workers’ compensation Second Injury Fund. To qualify, you need to have acquired your second injury while still suffering a first work injury. Only certain first and second injuries may qualify you for secondary injury workers’ compensation. A workers’ compensation attorney […]
How Long do Permanent Partial Disability Benefits Last in Iowa

How Long do Permanent Partial Disability Benefits Last in Iowa?

Although you might have been injured in a work accident, your injuries might not be severe enough to leave you completely unable to work. The damage is permanent, but it doesn’t stop you from working. You should still receive workers comp benefits, but how long do permanent partial disability benefits last in Iowa? You should […]
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