Common Crane Accident Causes [infographic]


Some of the most common crane accident causes include getting struck by objects, a lack of situational awareness, and improper crane operation. These and other causes are often avoidable and could be caused by one or more individuals' negligence. The following is a breakdown of these common causes.

Victims of crane accidents may file a workers' compensation claim to receive financial support while they heal from their injuries. A workers' compensation attorney can help them file and defend their claim for benefits. If they were not on-the-job when the crane accident happened, then they may have a personal injury claim against the construction company or the crane operator. An experienced personal injury attorney can help maximize your recovery for your crane accident injuries.

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Common Causes of Crane Accidents

Common Crane Accident Causes

The cause of most crane accident usually traces back to human error, either on the part of the crane operator, people outside the crane, or the construction company. The crane operator may fail to use the crane appropriately, either out of negligence or because of improper training. If the cause of the crane accident stems from a training issue, then the construction company may be liable for the damages from the crane accident.

Struck By Objects

One of the most common causes of crane accidents occurs when someone is struck by a dislodged falling object that detached from either the crane or the load the crane carried. Victims in these cases are usually underneath the crane at the time of the accident. This is a position in which individuals should never be. Oftentimes, these accidents crush workers and result in permanent disability or even death.

Insufficient Situational Awareness

In other types of crane accidents, workers and other individuals may not be aware of the crane's position and walk into its path of travel. As a result, people could be struck or crushed by the crane, the crane's load, or the crane's hook. However, workers and others should be able to avoid these accidents with adequate safety measures and precautions.

Improper Use of Cranes

Accidents and injuries could also result from the improper use of a crane. This is why crane operators need to be properly trained and practice extreme caution during use. Cranes can be misused in many ways. For example, improper loading could lead to tip-over accidents, endangering workers as the crane or crane loads could crush and strike them. Crane operators may also crash the crane or load into nearby equipment, heavy machinery, or individuals if they fail to ensure their path of travel is clear before moving the load or crane carriage.

Determining Liability in Crane Accidents

Crane accidents are often chaotic in nature. This can make it harder to determine who is liable for injuries resulting from them. Many workers injured in crane accidents seek legal assistance from personal injury or workers' comp attorneys for help with investigations. A workers' compensation attorney can help you file the workers' compensation claim within the time limit and uncover critical evidence to prove that you are eligible for compensation. For example, if your injuries occurred while you were outside the crane, then an attorney can help you prove that the crane operator failed to pay close attention to his or her surroundings.

Like with other types of work injuries, victims of crane accidents are often entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages from time taken off from work to recover, medications, rehabilitation, and other damages.

To prevent these and other types of construction accidents in the workplace, it's important for employers to ensure that proper crane safety protocols and training programs are in place.

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