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I Can’t Praise Him Or His Staff Enough.

December 13, 2017By Niko Pothitakis

I was very happy with Mr. Pothitakis.  I can’t praise him or his staff enough.  They are great.  He took the time to listen to everything, he also kept me informed of everything.  When I got hurt at work, everyone was telling me to go to lawyer.  I was very reluctant because about 10 years ago I broke my arm, had a cast for 9 months, wouldn’t heal, so I had to wear a bone stimulator.  It was a pretty bad break.  Went to another lawyer and I felt he was not interested in my case, but did tell me about this one and that one . He did not keep me informed like Mr. Pothitakis did. I did receive a settlement, but not much.  I wish I would of went to Mr. Pothitakis, I know I would have received my fair share.  Mr. Pothitakis is a lawyer that will fight all the way to get you your fair share. C.K., Burlington, Iowa