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December 13, 2017By Niko Pothitakis
Mr. Pothitakis is regularly invited to prepare presentations and speak at legal seminars on a variety of topics. Over the past several years he has given presentations to lawyers across the state on various topics. What follows is a list of some of the presentations given by Mr. Pothitakis:

Commutations: Tips and Advice IAJ Iowa Association for Justice 2017
Getting Your Case from File to Trial IAJ Iowa Association for Justice Work Comp Seminar 2017
Maximizing Iowa Work Comp Claims AFL-CIO University of Iowa Labor Center Seminar 2017
Factors Affecting Permanent Total Disability IAWC 33rd Annual Seminar 2011
Topic: Odd Lot Doctrine IAWC 31st Annual Seminar 2009
Work Comp 101:  Boning Up On the Basics; ITLA 17th Annual Work Comp Seminar 2008
Intakes — The Good, The Bad, the Ugly ISBA 2006 Workers’ Compensation Seminar 2006
New Rules of the Commissioner IAWC 41st Annual Workers’ Compensation Symposium 2003
Just Say No ITLA 12th Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar 2003
Rapid Fire: News You Can Use ITLA Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar 2001
Alternate Medical Care: Proceed at Your Own Risk IAWC Annual Seminar 2000
The Return to Work: Restrictions, Light Duty, Termination” ITLA 9th Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar 2000
Experts-When We Need Them, How to Find Them, and Preparing Them to Give Opinions ITLA Evidence and Discovery Seminar 1999
Rate the Disability Panel ISBA Workers’ Compensation Seminar 1999
Quick Tips to Improve Your Practice ITLA 8th Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar 1999
Four Ideas in 60 Minutes: A fast paced panel discussion. ITLA 6th Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar 1997


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