Across all age demographics, slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of personal injury. These accidents most frequently occur when negligence leads to unsafe conditions. Injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident can be life-altering, often causing long-term disabilities and impairments in victims. In some cases, vulnerable populations in healthcare facilities may face death as a result of these accidents. Filing a personal injury claim can help victims of slip and fall accidents recover treatment costs and hold negligent parties accountable.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents leave nearly 8 million victims seeking medical treatment each year. These injuries can vary in causation, depending on where the accident occurs. Common locations for slip and fall accidents are workplaces, medical care facilities, and commercial and residential properties.

In the Workplace

Slip and falls are a common type of workplace accident. These mishaps frequently occur when safety standards are overlooked or violated. Unattended spills, floors that are cluttered or crowded with equipment, improper ladder and scissor lift use, and faulty guardrails and safety equipment. Those who work in construction, manufacturing, and the auto mechanic industry are especially vulnerable to these accidents. If a slip and fall injury occurs during the course of an individual’s employment, he or she can file a worker’s compensation claim. Additionally, if employers, employees, manufacturers, or other parties were negligent, a victim can file a personal injury claim. In some cases, multiple parties may be at fault.

In Medical Facilities

When patients that are determined to be a fall-risk are unattended, resulting in a slip and fall, medical facilities can be held liable. These accidents can occur when patients experience difficulty with balance or have injuries that make walking difficult. In some facilities, a lack of adequate staffing may leave patients unattended for extended periods of time. When a neglected patient requires assistance that isn’t offered, he or she may attempt to complete tasks such as showering or going to the bathroom alone. This can cause the patient to fall and sustain serious injuries.

On Commercial or Residential Properties

On commercial properties, such as shopping centers, restaurants, and other businesses, slip and falls most commonly occur due to unattended spills, uneven surfaces, poorly maintained sidewalks and parking lots, and faulty railing. In these instances, business owners and negligent employees can be held liable for injuries.

Slip and fall accidents that occur on residential properties typically result from uneven surfaces, poorly maintained staircases and rails, and icy or slippery sidewalks that go unattended. If a slip and fall injury is caused on a residential property, landlords and property owners may be found negligent. In some cases, a homeowner may be responsible for a visitor’s slip and fall, a situation that is typically covered by homeowner’s insurance.

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Slip and Fall Accidents Lead to Serious Injuries

A variety of injuries are sustained due to slip and fall accidents. These injuries range from mild to severe in nature and can lead to life-altering disability. Nearly 30% of slip and fall accidents lead to serious injuries in victims. Head injuries from impact with flooring or other objects are especially common. These can range from concussions to traumatic brain injuries. In addition, skull fractures and lacerations can occur. Slip and fall accidents also lead to fractures, broken bones, dislocations, and neck and spinal cord injuries.

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