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Keokuk, Iowa is a small town with a distinguished reputation, and our firm is infinitely proud to be a part of it. With its unique past, an impressive lineage, and a fun-filled roster of places to go and things to see, this town is not quite like any other in Southeastern Iowa.

At Pothitakis Law Firm P.C., we’ve gladly helped the good citizens battle unfairness and injustice every day for the last twenty years. It’s home to one of our firm’s two law offices, where we’re more than happy to meet with community members and answer their questions about personal injury, Worker’s Compensation, and their rights under Iowa state law.

The town of Keokuk has always identified itself as a magnet for good neighbors. Compassion is its guiding creed, and we like to think we champion that same ideal in our own office. One of the town’s oldest sayings is “get caught doing good.” We try to “do good” for hardworking Iowans every single day.

Discuss Your Workers’ Compensation Claim at Our Keokuk Office

Workers’ compensation lawyer Niko Pothitakis has lived in Southeastern Iowa his whole life. A community fixture, he works closely with clients all throughout Lee County and the entire state of Iowa, where he’s also involved in continuing education programs and community service.

Mr. Pothitakis is known as a leader among lawyers. He often speaks at seminars and professional functions across the state, and he currently serves as President of the Iowa Association of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, Inc.

When you bring your case or concerns to our office, you’ll receive the kind of personal attention and strategic analysis you deserve. No two cases are alike, and our talented legal professionals understand that when it comes to your compensation, every single penny is important.

We’re so proud to call this our home. Please know that if you have questions and aren’t sure whether you have options outside the Workers’ Compensation system, you can come to us. We want to help. That’s what being a part of Keokuk is all about.

A City Founded on Compassion and Virtue

Notably, the city of Keokuk developed as a response to division. During the early 1800s, the U.S. Army had issued an order preventing its troops from marrying Native Americans.

Dr. Samuel C. Muir, a surgeon in the Army, had already wed a Native American woman he loved. Rather than comply with the order, he resigned from service and resettled on the other side of the Mississippi River. His family’s little cabin became the first non-Native settlement in what we now know as Keokuk, and others later followed suit.

In fact, over the years, it became known as something of a refuge for multiracial couples and their families. That tradition of tolerance and compassion continues to define the city’s culture to this day. It’s one of the reasons Mr. Pothitakis is proud to serve as a Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

Notable Residents

In addition to the aforementioned Dr. Muir, a number of celebrities and other influential people have called Keokuk home over the years. They include:

  • Howard Hughes
  • Orion Clemens (Mark Twain’s brother)
  • Bud Fowler (America’s first African-American professional baseball player)
  • Supreme Court Justice Samuel Freeman Miller
  • Rupert Hughes (Oscar-nominated creative & uncle to Howard Hughes)
  • Edward Kimball (superstar of the silent film era)
  • Elsa Maxwell (the famous socialite)

Crazy About Keokuk!

Despite its relatively small population, Keokuk actually offers an impressive to-do list for sightseers. Some of our favorite places and events include:

  • Alois and Annie Weber House
  • Church of All Saints
  • C. R. Joy House
  • E. H. Harrison House
  • Gen. Samuel R. Curtis House
  • Gen. William Worth Belknap House
  • The Grand Theatre
  • Hugh W. and Sarah Sample House
  • John N. and Mary L. (Rankin) Irwin House
  • Justice Samuel Freeman Miller House
  • Keokuk-Hamilton Bridge
  • Keokuk National Cemetery
  • Keokuk Rail Bridge
  • Keokuk Young Women’s Christian Association Building
  • Lock and Dam No. 19
  • The Park Place-Grand Avenue Residential District
  • Rollin’ on the River (annual blues music festival at Victory Park)
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church

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If you’ve been hurt on the job, you need someone to look out for you. At Pothitakis Law Firm P.C., our hope is to be the kind of good neighbor that steps up and takes a stand for justice. We know that employers, insurers, and even the Workers’ Comp system often treat hardworking Iowans unfairly. We won’t stand for that.

Keokuk’s commitment to compassion, fairness, and virtue are values we hold dear. If we take on your case, it will be with the utmost passion and dedication to making a difference. We will work hard to produce the kind of outcome you expect when you hire a lawyer — and that means doing everything we can to maximize your financial compensation.

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