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What Can I Do if My Old Workers Comp Injury Gets Worse?

March 11, 2020By Niko Pothitakis

After you’re hurt in a work accident, you may eventually feel like you’re improving. Your injuries are getting better, and you have your workers comp benefits to rely on. Unfortunately, it’s not always so simple. Now, you may now feel like your injuries have only gotten worse since your work accident. 

That makes it tough to overcome your injuries, especially if you were supposed to return to work soon. Now, you may not be well enough to return to work when you’re supposed to. So, what can you do if your old workers comp injury gets worse? Make sure you’re taking the right steps to get your whole workers comp coverage, not just a part of it. 

Getting Fairly Compensated for Your Work Injuries

When you’re hurt in a work accident in Iowa, you’re eligible for compensation that covers your losses following an injury. Those benefits should last until you’re better. You wouldn’t have been injured if you hadn’t been at work, and now, you’re suffering for it. Your workers comp attorney, fortunately, can help with that. 

When you’re hurt at work, your benefits should cover all your related expenses until you’re better, which means time shouldn’t be an issue. For example, you may need surgery years after the accident. Because it’s necessary after your accident, your Iowa workers comp benefits should cover those losses regardless of how long after the incident it’s needed. 

Seeking Workers Comp for Your Losses 

Once you know what your injuries are worth and what further compensation you need, you need to actually seek that further compensation for your claim. Often, that means setting up a hearing with your workers comp lawyer and the workers compensation commissioner.

Your hearing is your chance to show them you need additional compensation for your losses. For example, you may need more time away from work or surgeries for your injuries, or you may only be able to work lighter shifts. In these cases, your attorney may focus on proving how severe your injuries were and how much more time and compensation you need to fully recover from those injuries. 

Fortunately, that means you have a chance to get compensated fairly for your losses, especially as your needs change over time. 

Get Coverage for Your Iowa Workers Comp Injuries 

Recovering from a serious injury isn’t always a straight path. You may see a lot of improvement one day, only to struggle with getting out of bed later in the week. Because of this, you may need more time than you or your workers comp insurance provider expected for your recovery. 

Fortunately, your lawyer from Pothitakis Law Firm, PC can help if your old workers comp injury gets worse. They can give you the guidance you need when you’re struggling with severe injuries and aren’t sure where to start with your legal concerns. 

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