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What Every Employee Should Know About TBIs In The Workplace

December 12, 2017By Niko Pothitakis

The existence of diagnosed Traumatic Brain Injuries (“TBIs”) are commonplace in our time, largely due to recent advances in medicine. In recent years, intense scrutiny has been focused upon the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the NCAA, high school athletic associations, and even little league and pee wee leagues. The interest surrounds a class action lawsuit brought by the National Football League Players Association against the NFL. The suit alleges that the owners and officials of the NFL have known for some time about the dangerous effects of playing the sport, and have failed to properly educate and outfit players with the proper headgear to reduce the possibility of traumatic brain injuries. More attention is also being paid to the risk of employees suffering a TBI in the workplace. A recent law review articleby the University of Richmond Law School outlines what is being done and what has been discovered in recent medical studies of occupational TBIs. In 2011, over 7,000 employees nationwide perished from what are believed to be occupational TBIs suffered in the workplace. Emphasis is being placed on education and treatment, now more than ever, but much more improvement must be made to protect employees from workplace conditions that could lead to a TBI.

Improving Care and Education in the Workplace

Employee Assistance Programs are now being charged with educating the employees under their care with information and warnings about how to avoid a TBI, and what to do if they suffer any type of head injury at work. The costs associated with the numbers of occupational TBIs is enormous, with lost man hours, costs for treatment, as well as workers compensation benefits paid to injured employees. Nevertheless, employees must be made aware of the existence of the problem, and the availability of education and treatment for head injuries of all types. Employees should also be informed of the availability of work for TBI patients, and understand that employers cannot discriminate against workers based upon the condition. In addition, employees are being accommodated with workers compensation for claims that a decade ago may have been denied due to the lack of information that employers and the medical community had regarding these injuries and their long-term effects.

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