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What Happens if My Workplace Closes While I’m on Workers Comp?

August 08, 2019By Niko Pothitakis

Navigating a workers comp claim is difficult. Now, though, you’ve received your benefits, only to receive notice that your employer is going out of business. Now, you’re worried about what’s next for you. 

When your recovery is on the line, it’s important to ask, “What happens if my workplace closes while I’m on workers comp?” Luckily, you do have options to protect your work comp benefits, even if your job is no longer there. Your lawyer can help you by reviewing your current situation.

Negotiating Continued Benefits

Typically, your workers comp benefits shouldn’t be affected by your place of employment closing. That’s because your employer doesn’t pay for your work comp benefits out of their own funds. Instead, your benefits come from the state. That means, in most cases, your benefits should continue. 

However, that also depends on the type of benefits you’re receiving. For example, those with short-term disability benefits who may return to work soon may be affected. It’s typically best to speak to your lawyer about your benefit options when your employer goes out of business. 

Keep in mind that you could receive unemployment benefits, as well. Although you’ll need to notify the insurance company, there’s a chance you could receive both types of benefits. If you’re concerned about protecting either type of benefits, reach out to an attorney for help. 

Lump-Sum Settlements

However, continuing your benefits may not be the best option for you. You may be worried that your benefits will be discontinued anyway, especially if you may be able to return to light duty or other types of work. That’s why many people choose to request a lump-sum settlement. 

A lump-sum settlement is an option to receive all of your remaining workers comp benefits at once. You’ll receive these benefits as a lump sum, and they should be enough funds to cover the amount of compensation you would have received otherwise. 

If your workplace is closing, having this lump-sum settlement can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your recovery. You can have your full settlement to budget for your recovery, without worrying about losing your benefits. 

Contact a Workplace Injury Lawyer About Your Job Loss

When you’re hurt at work, recovery is your first priority. However, you might be in the middle of recovery when you learned that your employer is closing your workplace. Now, there’s no job for you to go back to, and your employer is no longer in business.

That leaves you worried about your recovery and asking, “What happens if my workplace closes while I’m on workers comp?”  that you have options to seek your workers compensation, even if your workplace has closed. 

At the the Pothitakis Law Firm, PC, we know that your benefits are key to your recovery, which is why we’re focused on helping you. We offer free consultations, so you can talk to us before you make any decisions about your claim. To get started, reach out by calling 319-754-6400 or by completing the online form below.