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What to Do When Your Employer Lists You As an Independent Contractor

November 30, 2020By Niko Pothitakis

When you’re hurt in a serious work accident, you need workers comp benefits from your employer to recover the costs you’ve suffered. But that may be easier said than done. That’s especially true if your employer lists you as an independent contractor. They may deny your workers comp claim on these grounds. 

Luckily, your lawyer can step in and help you get the benefits you’re due for your injuries

Independent Contractor Status Can Hurt Your Benefits 

Independent contractors are not considered employees when it comes to workers comp benefits. Because of this, you may be ineligible for workers comp benefits. But what if you’re certain you’re an employee? 

Unfortunately, many employers misclassify employees as independent contractors as a ploy to save money. They may try to avoid taxes or paying for workers comp benefits by considering you an independent contractor. Luckily, you have options to get your workers comp benefits to protect your health and finances. 

How a Workers Comp Lawyer Can Help 

When you’ve been denied workers comp benefits, it can be tough to fight back and get the benefits you’re due. You’re still injured, and you probably don’t have experience in workers comp law. Luckily, a respected workers comp lawyer in Iowa will fight for justice in your name. 

If your employer has claimed you’re an independent contractor, your lawyer could help you prove them wrong. Independent contractors usually work on their own terms, without the same rules and restrictions as an employee. Your lawyer will help you gather evidence showing you are or were an employee based on your work responsibilities and other evidence. 

Your Workers Comp Claim Process After a Denial 

So what can you do when you’re denied on these grounds? Your workers comp lawyer will need to step in to help you overcome the denial and get compensated fairly for your losses. 

First, you and your lawyer will need to review the reason for your denial and gather evidence that disproves it. Once you have the evidence you need, you can request a hearing for your claim. Your lawyer will present the evidence before the insurance company and your employer for your benefits. If they still refuse to compensate you, your lawyer may suggest pursuing a formal hearing. 

This formal hearing is held before the Iowa Workers Compensation Commissioner. The commissioner will review your evidence and your employer’s evidence, then choose to appeal or deny your claim. 

Connect with a Workers Comp Lawyer to Seek Your Max Benefits 

If your employer states that you’re considered an independent contractor, they may be looking for an opportunity to avoid paying for your losses. Because of this, you may need help from an experienced workers comp lawyer serving your Iowan community.

At Pothitakis Law Firm, PC, we know how tough it may be to seek workers comp benefits, tha’s why our expert legal team is here to will work diligently in pursuit of your benefits. Find help when you call 319-754-6400 or when you fill out the online contact form below.