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Will Expert Testimony Help with My Iowa Workers Comp Case?

June 27, 2019By Niko Pothitakis

Seeking out a workers comp claim can be tough. You need those benefits for your recovery, but you’re also struggling with your injuries after your work accident. Worse, you might have already been denied workers compensation once. 

Now, you might be discussing evidence for your claim with your lawyer, leading you to ask, “Will expert testimony help with my Iowa workers comp case?” When you’re struggling to recover your benefits, it’s important to gather all of the necessary evidence for your case, so you can get the benefits you need and focus on your recovery. 

What Is Expert Testimony? 

When you’re injured, witnesses may be key to getting your workers compensation. Often, eyewitnesses can help prove your story, telling the workers comp commissioner that you were, in fact, injured at work. 

However, expert witnesses aren’t usually people who saw the accident. Instead, these people are professionals who have can examine the case details and provide crucial testimony that supports your claim.

For example, you doctor might be an expert witness. They would have treated your injuries, and in some cases, they can review your medical evidence and help support your claim. They can detail the evidence they’ve found and help you seek workers comp. 

In other cases, they may use their experience to reconstruct the accident. If you were in a car accident, for example, they may use details and evidence from the scene to review the cause of the accident in detail, proving that you were injured in this accident and that it was a work accident. 

When You Need an Expert

When you’re facing a work-related accident, you may need an expert witness to help you answer the reasons for your workers comp denial. While some cases may simply require proof that you acted within ninety days or evidence of further medical evidence. Other cases aren’t so simple. 

If your employer doubts that the accident was related to work, for example, your case might be a little more complex than you were expecting. That means you may need more evidence that untangles your claim. 

So, before you take your case to the Iowa Workers Compensation Commissioner, you may need to speak to an expert witness. They may be able to help answer your questions and support your version of events. 

Talk to Your Iowa Workers Comp Lawyer about Expert Witnesses

When you’re struggling to get your full benefits after a work accident, you may need evidence beyond what you have already collected. Expert testimony may be required to get the full picture and help you fight back when your claim has been denied.

Although not every case requires an expert witness, you may need to speak to your lawyer about questions such, “Will expert testimony help with my Iowa workers comp case?” At Pothitakis Law Firm, PC, we understand that recovering from a work injury is difficult, and we can help you connect with the right experts for your case. 

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