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Will Iowa Workers Comp Cover Secondary Injuries?

May 04, 2019By Niko Pothitakis

When you first suffer a work injury, you like to think that your work comp benefits will help you recover fully, without future issues. Unfortunately, it’s possible that you could reinjure yourself on the job or suffer a secondary injury. These injuries can set back your recovery or even leave you permanently disabled.

Those secondary injuries may leave you worried about what kind of workers comp you’re eligible for. Will Iowa workers comp cover secondary injuries? Fortunately, you should have a chance to get the workers comp coverage you deserve for all of your injuries.

When you have questions and concerns about your workers comp claim, reach out for the answers you need. Every claim is different, and a lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Iowa Workers Comp Benefits

After your injury, you should receive the full work comp benefits you deserve, but what does that entail? Fortunately, you should have benefit options that cover all your losses related to a work accident.

One of the most urgent benefits you might need is your medical cost coverage. When you’re hurt on the job and unable to work, you need coverage for the medical care you needed, from the initial trip to the doctor to your final appointment.

If you’ve suffered a secondary injury because of the first, however, you should also receive compensation because of Iowa’s second injury fund. This fund is designed for secondary injuries related to your initial work injury, and it’s intended to cover the costs of your second injury as though there was never a first injury.

Getting Your Second Injury Benefits

When you’ve suffered a second debilitating injury, you may need to first reach out to your Iowa workers comp attorney. They’ll review your claim and injuries, so you know what you can expect from your benefits coverage.

If you’ve suffered a secondary injury, you’ll need to contact your employer about the injury, who will then contact the insurance company. They’ll investigate your claim and find your workers comp claim’s worth.

If they find you’ve suffered a permanent partial disability because of a second injury, you may be eligible for these other funds. If you’re concerned that your insurer isn’t offering you the full benefits you deserve, reach out to a lawyer for help calculating and defending your benefits.

Contact an Iowa Lawyer about Your Secondary Injuries

When you’ve suffered a major injury, another can follow even if you seemed completely healed. You’ll need compensation for those injuries, too, but will Iowa workers comp cover secondary injuries? Fortunately, you should have a chance to get your workers comp benefits and recover.

Don’t take on your workers comp claim without help, though. At Pothitakis Law Firm, PC, we understand how important your claim is to your recovery and we’ll help when you have questions or concerns. We’re also proud to offer free consultations for those struggling with their claims. We’ll review your situation and help you get the recovery you deserve.

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